Venetian reggae band the Patois Brothers are back with Wise & Wild a new album of twelve original songs. Whilst maintaining the band’s own unique self-produced style, this album showcases some altogether different styles – including an important collaboration with Max Romeo.

After recording with Edoardo Pelizzari at the Lemon Recording Studio (Castelfranco Veneto, TV), the search for an original sound brought Patois Brothers in the UK, where they met Daniel Boyle, whose last project was recording producer Lee Perry and Max Romeo. Wise & Wild made use of Rolling Lion Studio’s analogue machines for the 70s, the very same machines used by Jamaican legends to create Roots Rock Reggae.

Each of the twelve new tracks create vivid concepts, often forgotten by “new music” or perhaps unexplored. Respect, wisdom and spirituality mark the moral aspect of the LP: the triumph of these values and the teachings that the Patois Brothers have received along their musical journey and through life. This is best expressed in track 4, Life Learning, which features the great Max Romeo, Roots Reggae legend and a great source of inspiration for the band. The collaborations with the Jamaican singer plus Charmax Music brings the band interest from overseas, heralding in future new opportunities.

Wise & Wild is available in hard copy (at gigs) and will be released on all digital platforms from 24th March 2017.