In anticipation of the release of their next album, produced by Paolo Baldini

Hailing from Tuscany in Italy, Quartiere Coffee began their career in 2004, releasing three albums: IN-A; Vibratown; & Italian Reggae Familia. Having recently reformed, this release signifies a new chapter in the band’s story. After a year of reflection and work in the studio this new phase is marked by the breakthrough of vocalist Rootman and unique touch of celebrated producer Paolo Baldini.

A taster of what’s to come in their fourth album, the single We Are showcases lyrics by Jamaican Dwayne C. Downie and is inspired by the famous Michael Jackson song, discussing the changes needed in society to make the world a better place.

“This single is an invitation to improve our surroundings, but to do this we must first search within ourselves, into our conscience to find our inner child. In the video we have created our own inner child, who seeks us out, challenging us, playing with us and making us open our eyes” explains the band.

We Are is now available for download in all digital stores.