Vibes Corner, a new Italian label featuring elements of Kaya Sound and One Love Movement, proudly presents Stone Juice riddim. The riddim was created in Kenya and played live in the legendary Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston, by former members of the Firehouse Crew, the historical Jamaican band that has backed many great artists.

Fifteen tracks including the best of the Italian reggae scene, African acts and Jamaican artists like Luciano and Mikey General. The Sud Sound System lead the large group of the Italians on the version with La grande bugia, a track against the hypocrisies of the modern world,  The music is accompanied by a video shot by Naffintusi production company.

Stone Juice Riddim is the second release of Vibes Corner that continues to make a name for itself. It follows last summer debut with the version of the song Hattori Hanzo by Brusco, included in his new album titled Guacamole.

The riddim, mixed by Dario Casillo and Leo Bizzarri at the Bizzarri Studio, is available on all digital platforms.