A new single free to download and a short documentary of the reggae Sardinian band

Today Train To Roots present their latest studio work:  Africans, a new single for free download and a short documentary showing their work behind the scenes.

Africans tastes like foundation, a flavor that recalls unforgettable Train To Roots’ origins. It was already proposed on live stages at the end of the last tour, finding much love and appreciation.

During recording sessions at Daniele Ferroni’s Sottopelle Studio (Alghero) the band was constantly followed by cameras and the result is the short documentary  “AFRICANS Recording Sessions”.

This video project was filmed and edited by Fabio Calzia of “Seuna Lab” with the photo and video collaboration of Gianfranco Manai.

“Africans Recording Sessions” is available on band’s official  Youtube channel.

The radio version of the song is available for free on band’s official website traintoroots.it.