Train To Roots release their new single Ancora Qui,  to celebrate 18 years of their career. It’s an autobiographical song, that is distinctly ‘roots’, with a warm, involving sound resulting from a completely analogue recording.

The release of Ancora Qui is accompanied by a video clip that traces a part of the Sardinian band’s path. It mixes archive images with a recent meeting where the band’s founding members reflect on the many difficulties they have encountered. Despite all these challenges they have managed to move forward and be “still here” (the song title’s literal translation).

The lyrics of the song insist on the importance of getting up after each fall, learning from experience and enjoying a path full of changes that taught the band to adapt to all situations. Among the changes they refer to, the latest is the arrival of new drummer Tommaso ‘Pol’ Gieri.

Ancora Qui is available on all digital platforms. The video, produced by Roble Factory, can be viewed on the Train To Roots YouTube channel.