Forelock & Arawak present their second album, To The Foundation, asserting their roots and identity through the rhythms of Dennis Brown, produced by Paolo Baldini. The album arrives signposted by the singles Roots and Culture and Islander Taking Over and it is a journey to both personal and musical foundations, at all levels: the lyrics, the instrumentation and the recording methods, live in studio, as it used to be.

The album features three guest Jamaican artists: Luciano, Micah Shemaiah and the recently deceased Juba Lion, singers with whom Forelock had a real connection and collaboration in recent months.

Forelock, aka Top Singa, describes it with these words: “If “Zero”, the previous album released in 2015, was a way to announce the departure point of a musical team and the desire to break away from musical fashions, “To The Foundation” takes a strong stance on how music and its evolution proceeds to the present day. The call to get involved, to achieve something that goes beyond the packaging of a product, is the concept that will hopefully pass through this research into and discovery of the so-called foundation”.

The role of Paolo Baldini was fundamental to generating a sonic environment where Arawak’s music, the lyrics and voice of Forelock and the sound of Dubfiles intersect under a single alchemy. The audio and video recordings of the instruments, and thus, the performances of the musicians, were made within the SoundRoom Studio in Sardinia, while the vocal parts and the dub mix took place at the Alambic Conspiracy Studio (Pordenone, Italy).

To The Foundation is available on all digital platforms, with physical copies available to order at the La Tempesta website.