Work is underway on Italian reggae band The Young Tree‘s second album, which is due for release this autumn, now presented with the title track Borderline. After some line-up changes to include synthesizers and electronic sounds, this new work represents a new experimental direction for the band in collaboration with Madaski (Africa Unite).

Borderline seeks to confront the reality of those on the margins, a generation of youth ‘running like a blind man in the night’ – struggling to make ends meet while navigating the complexities of modern life, often forced to compromise their qualities or their value as people, the borderline lifestyle nobody would seek. Like their forebears this generation seeks balance in unstable world, but the cards are stacked against them.

Both the single and the new album were made with the collaboration of Madaski, who took care of the mix and production at the Dub the Demon records in Turin, and Edoardo Pellizzari as sound engineer at the Teatro delle voci in Treviso. Mastering by Simone Squillario at Hybrid Mastering Studio in Turin.

The eponymous single Borderline is available now on all digital platforms while the video clip is available on YouTube.