Tell The People is the new single with videoclip by the Italian reggae band Earth Beat Movement, a new job coming  just six months after the release of their last album 70 BPM. It is a statement song about the precarious situation of refugees and migrants at the borders with Europe, stuck between the war in their home countries and the institutions of those who they seek to reach.

The three characters in the video are connected by a “common thread” and represent the “don’t see”, “don’t hear” and “don’t speak”, meant as the indifference that dwells in many. This is the reason why Earth Beat Movement wants to talk to the people (Tell the People) about this issue and share with them the perspective of whom experiences this indifference each and every day in his own life. “Start to listen, to see and therefore to speak up is the only way to overthrow all these physical and moral barriers.” says Irene Mistilla Bisori, singer and author of the lyrics of the song.

One hundred free downloadable copies of Tell The People, produced by Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli, are available on the band’s Soundcloud profile.