Soom T presents her sixth studio album, The Louder The Better. It is a combination of live band studio recordings and digital productions. Entirely self-produced with her own music label Renegade Masters and with Kunta as executive producer, the album has taken three years to be realized since the first recordings in Brazil during the pandemic.

It is a choral work, with songs composed by the French maestro Tom Fire, the American Terry Vibes, the producer Kunta himself together with Green Teddy or the French label and production studio Irie Ites. Some are the result of live sessions with the band in Sao Paulo, Brazil, (at Pangea Studios) under the direction of Mauro Rabello, while others have been produced with more digital methods by Dr. Bud in France and by Christian Cowlin, the live sound engineer for The Wailers. Many of the instruments on these songs were played by Cowlin himself, among other seasoned musicians, including the legendary British drum & bass duo Mafia & Fluxy, and finally recorded at his studio in the UK.

The album is a melting pot of sounds, influences and roots and is full of melodies and vocals with a lot of prominence. Within a crossroads of genres, led by Jamaican roots and digital music, we find more traditional songs with some really attractive harmonies that remind us of a bygone era.

The Glasgow artist transmits a strong but positive and inspiring message. With this new album, Soom T sticks to what is closest to her heart to address multiple issues that concern her, from the corrupt state of the world, to the emptiness of politics and the urgent need to awaken to the reality of the condition of society. 

The Louder The Better, mixed by Mista Maff and mastered by Simon Capony at Basalte Studio, is available on vinyl, CD and digital platforms.