The first video clip from the debut album is She Wants More

Sanjay presents his first album, Man Of My Word. This is an unusual perspective from a Jamaican dancehall artist, showing himself emotional and vulnerable on this concept album that can be considered the starting of a new genre called EMO dancehall, with complications in romantic relationships as the common thread.

With dancehall and reggae undertones, it features the likes of singers Alaine, Tara Harrison and Meera. Instrumentally, the album is performed by some of Jamaica’s most respected musicians and several of the tracks have been co-produced by legendary producer and songwriter Mikey Bennett.

In Man Of My Word, the Jamaican artist with Indian, African and European origins takes the listener on an emotional journey through the stages of a breakup, from the first song about feeling insecure, to the last, about reminisces of promises left unfulfilled, and dreams that are left to be undreamt. 

The album’s title refers to Sanjay’s first popular song, Man Of My Word, on the Guardian Angel Riddim, produced by the late Arif Cooper. After closing a five-year relationship, the artist’s original idea was to title the album Lonely Hands, Lonely Feet, Lonely Heart, Lonely Beat, but he ended up following the advice of his mentor Mikey Bennett, who has guided him in the creation of this work .

The first single from this album is She Wants More, the story of someone who feels unfulfilled and the other feeling helpless. The video clip, starring the Angolan dancer and choreographer Albertina Costa aka DHQ Aysha, was recorded in Portugal by videomaker Thomas Dylan Harris.

Man Of My Word is available on the artist’s website and digital platforms, and the video clip She Wants More can be seen on YouTube.