Swiss artist Elijah Salomon presents his fourth studio album, Salomon, a timeless work that wants to be the antithesis of what can be heard currently in the music industry. This record celebrates the magic of live music, created by musicians in real time and avoiding trends such as production speed, overdose of autotune and endless loops.

Salomon includes thirteen songs sung in three languages: in addition to Swiss German and English, for the first time another language is added, namely the language of his ancestors, Italian. And his grandfather Marino Salomon, after whose family name he named the album, had once written him a song on paper, with the wish that he should one day sing one and he was able to fulfill his wish during his lifetime.

This roots album reflects the journey to the different destinations that Elijah Salomon has faced in recent years: from Jamaica, his spiritual home, with the songs Drive and Through The Blues, through the Joyful Streets of Dakar accompanied by a children’s choir, to the west coast of Africa where the soft sounds of the Kora take him to Manding Queen Fatoumata in Gambia. As a songwriter, he dives into the world of the Italian cantautore with Il Tuo Mondo and then returns to his native Zurich. In short, a journey through different styles and languages ​​that tries to move the listener.

Salomon, published by One Camp Records, is available on CD and vinyl, as well as on all digital platforms.