Just a few weeks after the release of their latest single Denaro, the prolific Train To Roots return with a video clip for Oi, a new song sung in the language most dear to them, Sardinian. This is the second signpost for their upcoming album due in autumn.

Oi deals with the issue of discrimination, as Bujumannu, voice of Train To Roots and co-author of the song with Papant’ò, explains: “I met refugees and talked with them, listened to them and their stories, desperate and full of pain. Every human being has the right to live in peace and harmony and not to feel alone and abandoned, these are rights that do not have and should not have a color. We all have the same blood, which is a bright red color and we all have the duty to open our hearts to a lonely, desperate person who dreams of peace and living a dignified life”.

This strong message is a clear call from the band “to the conscience of everyone to the search within for the reasons that led to our current decline, starting with the powerful and the politicians that we allowed to govern and decide for our countries’ future. They are abandoning us and pitting us against each other: poor against the poorest, desperate against the desperate, a game based on evil and the lack of respect for the humanity and the planet’s defensive laws ”.

The single, released on May 20, is on sale via all digital platforms, while the video is available on YouTube.