PAPA Sound presents the new single Ray-Bans, with the voice of Jamaican Shvmpoo. The Swedish producer duo created a mid-tempo summer pop track, musically influenced by contemporary dancehall, pop, and afrobeat.

The lyrics talk about the first sight of a person who catches your eye and that lovely impact it has on us. Sometimes that person charm shine so bright you need to protect your eyes from it, wearing sunglasses.

The song’s production incorporates drums, sub-bass, pianos, synth arpeggios, guitars and string instruments to create a symphonicly charged riddim. The music was written and produced in Sweden by PAPA Sound, while the vocals were recorded in Jamaica by Shvmpoo.

Shvmpoo is a singer and artist from St.Ann, Jamaica, heavily influenced by reggae, dancehall and afrobeat. He aims to elevate the mindset of the Jamaican youth and diaspora as a whole. His lyrics often refer to romantic scenarios, spreading love and positive vibes. 

Ray-Bans is available on all digital platforms.