Swedish producers PAPA Sound present the single Discipline Child alongside young Jamaican prodigy Wayne J.

Images of his everyday life in Kingston came to mind to Wayne J, son of Wayne Smith (Under My Sleng Teng) while listening to the instrumental part created by PAPA Sound. He then transferred those images to the song: despite having to fight to survive in the ghetto, surrounded by guns and violence, music has always been a comfort to him, staying disciplined and providing positive energy to his local community.

This single also gives an idea of ​​where Wayne J came from and who has influenced him to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist, a path that he started at the young age of 3. His father, Wayne Smith, author of the track considered to be the starting point of the digital age of reggae, plays an important role in his life and often supports Wayne J in the creative process.

With this theme, Patrik Arve and Paolo Albo (PAPA Sound), maintain their line of creating dancehall instrumentals seeking collaborations with different singers under the Icons Creating Evil Art label. 

Discipline Child is available on all digital platforms.