Mañana Dub is the newly released dub companion to the sixth vocal album by Mellow Mood. It was crafted by renowned producer Paolo Baldini DubFiles, the mastermind behind the band’s sound.

Baldini’s work aims at giving new life to the original songs, communicating his musical discoveries along two parallel tracks. On the one hand he thrives on a self-imposed technical limitation, enabling him to overcome a sort of artistic “horror vacui” (fear of empty space) through the deployment of a finite range of old-school effects and add ons. On the other hand, the overcoming of these limitations is made possible by a knowledgeable use of MIDI technology, through which Baldini transforms riffs, harmonies and melodies.

The songs are then led into new sound system-oriented landscapes that border on the realm of remixing. These alterations have a dual function, as shown when Paolo Baldini and Mellow Mood showcased the album as a special preview at the International Dub Gathering in Spain. The unique live dub show will also be performed in selected European cities during Autumn 2023.

Five years have passed since Mellow Mood’s 2018’s vocal album Large found its echo in Large Dub, mixed by Paolo Baldini. The approach was applied to Mañana Dub: the producer ran the original album tracks in the studio where it was recorded and performed his dub takes, live and direct. And, true to the same DubFiles formula, everything is filmed, edited, and will be published online so everyone can witness this act of dub-creation.

Mañana Dub is released under the La Tempesta Dub imprint and is available on digital platforms, mastered by Giovanni Versari. The vinyl, mastered by Nick Manasseh, will be released after the summer.