Italian producer Lee Fry presents his second album, Padma. It is a new step in his musical journey that began with the debut album Kalipé (2020). Although his love for reggae music is evident, understood as universal music, he focuses on traditional sounds from all latitudes to which adds modern elements.

After releasing various EPs, Lee Fry continues the experimentation started on his first album with Padma. The title is a Sanskrit word that means lotus flower, a plant growing in marshy waters, keeping itself clean and giving emotions to the beholder: a symbol associated with the artist’s path, both human and artistic, who gives the best of himself despite the difficulties.

His music is always based on rhythm, with drums and percussion in the first place, but in the eleven tracks present in Padma the voices take over. There is a female predominance, present in six tracks out of seven, and the singers come from the Canary Islands, Turkey, Morocco , India, Serbia, Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Namibia and Canada. The lyrics deal with topics such as trust, tenacity or love, but also global and social emergencies.

Four instrumental tracks complete the project, adding as many collaborations from Mexico, Macedonia, Nigeria and Uruguay.

Padma is available on CD and digital platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.