Italian band Earth Beat Movement is back with a new single and video: One Shot Deal. It is a reggae-trap fusion, combining reggae’s upbeat rhythm a more modern trap flavour.

The song examines the horror of human trafficking, told from two different points of view. On one side the smuggler, who offers the opportunity to escape from miserable conditions, and on the other the migrant, who must choose between death and survival. The single expresses strong criticism of the feelings of indifference and hatred that usually greet this topic.

The video clip, which sees singer Irene MisTilla Bisorithe interpret the two different points of view, is centered on a series of extras finding themselves artbitrarily suffering this terrible fate. They appear to drown, not only physically but also spiritually and ethically, due to indifference.

Bisori explains: “The message of One Shot Deal is to sensitize listeners to the issue of immigration and the price that is paid in undertaking this type of journey. The only question in the song is ‘Who’s next?’, symbolizing impending misfortune. We must never forget that what seems far away is, in reality, much closer than what you can imagine and could affect each of us”.

One Shot Deal, produced by Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli and Andrea Rigo, is available on all digital platforms and the video, directed by Walter Lo Biondo, can be found on the band’s YouTube channel.