Train To Roots finally grant us a glimpse of their highly anticipated fifth album Home (INRI) due out in March and digitally distributed by VPAL, part of the historic reggae label ‘VP Records’.

The single Nuh Push is a collaboration between the reggae band and hip hop singer Madh, already having worked together on his single Kyoto Mind on the album Madhitation. Madh was also a finalist on ” X Factor Italy “. Their bond stems from a mutual personal & artistic respect and also from a shared homeland, namely Sardinia. The mix of reggae and hip hop that features this track and accompanying video, shot by Giovanni Saturno in Sassari.

“On this journey of life we must remember that we often face personal battles that can seem like insurmountable hurdles and we often forget that every challenge is simply an opportunity to test ourselves and to grow. The key could be not accepting the minimum but instead trying to go beyond our limits, while remaining aware of our own strengths” explained Rootsman I, one of the two vocalists in Train To Roots.

“We all have that flame that burns inside us, we just have to choose whether to continue to hide it or to make sure that every time something tries to knock us down our mood lights up that flame, without fear of showing ourselves in all our glory,” added Madh. “I wanted to bring that touch of irony and humour to the track, because life is not always on your side, but this doesn’t have to stop you going about your day with a smile on your face”.