It’s now available the single The Human Chain from the ambitious project Havana Meets Kingston Part 2. Led by producer Mista Savona, this new preview features a prominent vocalist: Clinton Fearon

The charismatic voice of the Jamaican reggae pioneer fits perfectly with the instrumental melodies of the fabulous and late duo Sly & Robbie, with notes of reggae and Cuban influences. A cry from the heart, a bitter observation of a humanity divided by resentment and jealousy, weakened by the greed and poverty that borders the world. This is a timely track, in a world in crisis where it is high time to reconsider the fundamentals of our species.

While connected by common African roots and colonial histories, the music of Cuba and Jamaica have traveled largely in separate lanes. Their influence on the music of the world has been immeasurable, but their influence on each other has been less evident.

It took an Australian to bring these two rich musical cultures together. Melbourne-based producer and musician Jake Savona had already fallen in love with the music of Jamaica, having released a string of successful reggae and dub albums under his stage name Mista Savona. Eventually, he discovered Cuban music, and in 2015, he received a grant from the Australian Council that funded the ambitious project Havana Meets Kingston.

Mista Savona traveled to Havana with a group of top Jamaican musicians, including the legendary Sly & Robbie (drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare), and they began recording in the iconic EGREM Studio where Buena Vista Social Club and countless other legendary records have been produced. More sessions followed, other guests were invited, and after years of painstaking effort, the first volume of Havana Meets Kingston was released in 2017 to worldwide acclaim.

Havana Meets Kingston Part 2, due in summer, also features a lineup of incredible Jamaican and Cuban talents including stars like Clinton Fearon, Randy Valentine, Prince Alla, Barbarito Torres, Changuito, Brenda Navarette, Beatriz Marquez and many more.

The Human Chain is available on all digital platforms.