Marcus Gad returns with the single Ready For Battle, announcing his new album due for release in March 2023.

It is therefore after a hip-hop interlude with the Brave New World project in collaboration with beatmaker Tamal that the singer from New Caledonia makes a return to a more organic reggae together with his band Tribe, while keeping a strong and conscious message.

Lyrically, Ready For Battle focuses on the manipulations of multinational corporations and governments, and how they have taken the living world hostage in the name of economic growth. Branding and privatizing the most primordial resources such as water, genetically modifying staple crops that feed humanity, and so on. The video to Ready For Battle, on the other hand, intends to illustrate which solutions can be brought in resistance to this situation, adding a positive creativity to the whistleblower aspect of the lyrics. 

Being ready for battle is not a call to go out and fight yet another war, but a call to active resistance. A resistance that implies, above all, an interior and spiritual fight. A fight against our own feeling of helplessness that finds its embodiment in inaction. Our weapons, or rather our tools to lead this resistance in the material realm, are our pickaxes, our pitchforks, our spades and sickles. They are our seeds and our tubers which will bear more fruit and more seeds for us and generations to come.

As Marcus simply puts it at the end of each live show, “Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, but most of all, take care of the Earth. The time is now!”.

Ready For Battle, edited by Baco Records, is available on all digital platforms.