The Riptiders, young lions on the Sardinian reggae scene, present Mantenendo Il Mondo In Pugno (Keeping the World In A Fist), the new single and accompanying video clip from their upcoming second album, Vol.2.

The producer and manager of the Black Box Records label, Antonio Papantò Leardi, says: “this song perfectly represents the link between Vol.1 and the new album in preparation. The choice not to use loops and virtual instruments with regards to the musical side and the increasingly conscious lyrics mark the path of the band”.

For his part, Marco Serra, writer of the single and voice of the band, says: “Mantenendo Il Mondo In Pugno speaks of feeling complete. It suggests what happens when, once you decide not to compromise, you face life to the full. It’s about the possibility of living and sharing life with someone who makes us feel at ease and in perfect harmony with our deeper “I”. Only in this way can a perfect balance be achieved and the sensation, suggested by the title of the piece, of having the world in hand, is almost attained”.

Mantenendo Il Mondo In Pugno sees the extraordinary participation of the brass section comprising Gioele Crabuzza and Giona Crabuzza. It’s available on all digital platforms, while the video is visible on YouTube.