Spiritual Gangsta is Mahout‘s third single taken from the album My Heart Is a Stoner, which will be released on November 24th by La Tempesta Dub and distributed by Believe Italia.

As far as the musical aspect is concerned, it is an R&B/Funk track with the addition of an upbeat guitar, which is one of the typical ingredients of Mahout’s recipe.

The trait that links Spiritual Gangsta to the two previous singles released by the band is that, also in this case, the verses are rhythmic and tight, yet the chorus stands out as a true opening: everything mellows out and softens, not only in terms of sheer songwriting (i.e. harmony, metrics and arrangement), but also on an emotional level.

Coherently, the lyrics follow the music. While the verses are developed as a sarcastic speech addressed to an imaginary gangster – advising him to put down his weapons (a made-in-Italy version of Bob Marley’s Simmer Down), the refrains, conversely, are an ode to positive thinking and resilience, where the author contrasts the difficulties he encounters in his daily path through life with a spiritual gangster attitude.

Lastly, both the track title itself and the lyrics are also a reference to the paradoxical phenomenon of spiritual gangsters scattered around the world. Namely, hyper-religious gangsters who, clearly affected by major egotistical and mythomaniac issues, live by extremely surreal and paradoxical spiritual principles, where they effortlessly juxtapose crime and death with a very personal sense of the Sacred and the Holy.

Spiritual Gangsta is available on digital platforms.