The Italian band Mahout presents the new single Pam Pam feat. Soom T. It is a spiritual piece, musically sparse, based on a few elements. Rhythmically it is characterized by a Nyabinghi groove performed by the legendary Larry McDonald on percussion, with a fog of delays and reverbs filling the spaces left by the groove.

The song features the participation of the Scottish artist of Indian descent Soom T, who wrote and sang the second verse and accompanies Emi – Mahout’s vocalist – in the refrain, where a repeated phrase, almost converted into a mantra, expresses the inmost meaning of the song.

The main theme of Pam Pam is the struggle between good and evil. It talks about duppies, the evil spirits of Jamaican animist culture, and reminds us that evil exists. Learning how to recognize and face evil is the only way to fight it and keep it at bay. Only by working on ourselves through love, reflection, and self healing, can we overcome evil and let good prevail.

The cover of the single is a work by Simone Giai, an artist from Pinerolo (Italy) who won the Talent Prize and the Communication Prize during the 2023 edition of the emerging art fair Paratissima.

Pam Pam is released on the La Tempesta Dub label and is available on all digital platforms.