Lee Fry Music presents Kalipè, his first album born during lockdown. It’s a project without borders, where reggae is the starting point of a journey that also passes through electronic music and dub, touches rap and moves from Middle Eastern and Balkan motifs to afrobeat and black music.

It is a showcase of sorts for the Italian producer, who wanted to create a musically varied work that could transcend borders and labels to travel as far as possible in a historical moment that sees us physically isolated. “I chose to title this work Kalipè, like the wish given to climbers at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, because I hope to walk one step at a time towards this insurmountable peak that represents being heard” said the producer.

The tracks are, for the most part, instrumental. But using samples Lee Fry wanted to give personally important messages that are summarized by the individual titles in the languages that reflect the geographical influences on the songs. The three vocal contributions are Flower Rising from France, El Losada from Chile and Gala Zerua from Serbia.

The album was entirely recorded and mixed by Roberto ‘Orde’ Casetta at The Cage Homely Studio, or his home, as lockdown demanded. Mastering was done by Mark Williams.

Kalipè is available on all digital platforms and the CD is on sale direct from the label.