Train To Roots present their fifth album Home (INRI, 2016), a metaphorical return home for the Sardinian group.  Self-producing once again and choosing to play roots rock reggae in “their own way”.  Making listeners both think and dance at the same time, with sprinklings of modern electronic sounds and underground beats all enriched with the massive presence of 70s revival style choruses. For the first time in the band’s history, the album will be distributed worldwide by VPAL, part of the world’s most important reggae label – VP Records.

Numerous collaborations further the musicality of Home; all with individuals the band rate highly, not only for their artistic talent, but also for their human side. These include fellow Italians Clementino, Madh and Levante, three artists who despite not coming from the reggae world, wanted to be part of this work. Lion D, Aspencat and Auxili from Spain, are also now a part of the Train To Roots musical family and were involved in this production.

“Home represents the state of peace and security that each of us feel at home. A home made up not from bricks, but from people, communities and harmony. Home because we are once again back to producing our own music, taking first hand responsibility for stylistic choices and choosing the issues we address. Each song recounts real-life stories and experiences, highlighting proactive ways of dealing with the contradictions of the system with greater awareness and peace”.

Sleeve designer for ‘The Kiss’ Giorgio Casu also hails from Sardinia. Now an internationally established artists with exhibitions in capital cities all over  the world, he describes his pictures as like “a promise made with eyes closed to a disappearing world”.

Home is available in Europe in all digital formats since March, 4th and in the rest of the world since April, 1st.