Overjam Reggae Festival which is taking place in Tolmin, Slovenia, is in full swing of its 4th edition. In the idyllic landscape of rivers Soča and Tolminka 3,000 visitors enjoyed GENTLEMAN’s performance who took the stage on Wednesday, August the 12th. No less audience attended the concerts of ACSEL & THE REBEL REGGAE BAND, who were the opening act of the festival, MELLOW MOOD and JAHCOUSTIX & THE EVOLUTION. At the “dance hall” stage the duo JUGGLERZ created some extraordinary “heat”. “The festival is growing and is becoming what we have initially wanted. Gentleman was the right choice to open the festival,” said Andrej Težak – Tešky, the manager and the co-organizer of the festival.

Relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful environment contributed to the fact that all the stars of the evening were available for interviews with the media, and also participated at the press conference.

“We are tired. Last night we played in Hungary, now we are here and tomorrow we are on the way to Norway,” Gentleman, who is accompanied by Daddy Rings on this tour, said. “Daddy Rings inspired me, without him I wouldn’t be here, he is my song writing inspiration.”

Gentleman is not a newbie in Tolmin. He performed here 10 years ago, however, he likes to come back: “Mountains here are inspirational. They give me vibe, calm me down, and here I am relaxed.”

Despite the worldwide fame Gentleman is still modest: “I am happy to be able to make music.” In his modesty he is also not quite aware how big of an influence he has on African music scene, despite the fact that he is white: “I am not asking myself about the impact I have, but rather what are my responsibilities. Bob Marley talked about one love. But there is no ‘one love’. There is so much animosity, people suffer, we are facing refugees problems, … it hurts me to see this. We need to hold on to one love. The music makes this world a better place,” Gentleman added.

In addition to the performances of the stars on the main stage, the visitors continued to inhale reggae at the dancehall dub stage and throughout the day on the Yard (Jamcoast edition). Dancehall star of the evening was the German duo Jugglerz. Jugglerz were the winners of this year’s prestigious music award “War and a East”.

The 4th edition of Overjam Reggae Festival officially opened the door on Wednesday, August the 12th. On Thursday, 13  of August, the main stage hosted: PASSAFIRE, HOLLIE COOK and CAPLETON.

More information about the current happening on the festival is available at the official webpage, on Facebook  and Twitter.