In the new single Rebel Healing, the music of De Strangers joins the voice of Prince Alla, one of the legends of roots reggae music. This song is a new preview from the Milanese band’s album releasing in April. It explores the theme of generational changes and healing through music and its power in conveying messages of positivity and rebellion.

The melody therefore becomes a means of expression that transcends sonic boundaries, invites reflection, connection, and overcoming generational barriers. This topic is accompanied by that of the healing power of reggae music, which goes beyond simple entertainment.

As De Strangers said, the song had already been written in terms of music and arrangements with the idea of inviting a singer to collaborate on the writing of the lyrics. In those days, Prince Alla arrived in northern Italy for a series of dates, and the band had the opportunity to collaborate with the Jamaican artist. At that time, they started to reflect about the generations that for years had passed along the passion for this musical genre that always finds a way to regenerate itself. In this context, De Strangers stand as authentic interpreters of a reggae rooted in traditions, but capable of renewing itself across generations.

The music produced and recorded at the band’s studio, Studio La Sabbia, was written keeping in mind some canons of roots reggae music. The rhythmic melody of the intro, composed of piano and organ, creates a momentum towards the beginning of the song, where the wind section bursts in supported by a strong rhythmic component of percussion, bass and drums. The warm voice of Prince Alla contrasts with the refrain, sung in falsetto, in a song that develops in breaks and takes. It conveys a sense of strength and movement that projects the mind forward and forces the body to move.

Rebel Healing is the newest release on the La Tempesta Dub label and is available now on all digital platforms.