Earth Beat Movement are back with a bang in 2017, starting with City light, the second single release (following on from Tell the people) from the forthcoming album which will be released in the spring. A song in which the Italian band consolidates its style with the unmistakable voice of the explosive Mistilla combined with a European reggae dubstep sound.

The video shows a kind of “Sin City” which can only be escaped by overcoming the fears and negative thought patterns that we have been taught. Calling for abandonment of what we are in order to enable our rebirth, City light is the indifference, ignorance, hatred and fear. It is an inner state of mind that we project out of ourselves which prohibits us from being free. It is a city where there are no rules, there is no justice or meritocracy, nor the possibility of an escape route to a better life. It is a place where anything can happen and where no one has pity on you” the band explain.

City light, produced by Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli, will be featured on the third album by Earth Beat Movement and is distributed by Pirames International and is available now on all digital platforms, among them iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.