Christos DC presents his sixth album, Crisis 2.0, released on his own Honest Music label. A work that shines bright in the firmament of the American roots reggae scene, bringing another dose of deep observations. The message that could be described as prophetic, flows on solid instrumentation and impresses with the honest sound and solid bass. It will make the crisis times easier to handle.

The album was advanced by the single and title track, released last April, impressing with innovative views on lyric video concept and political art. In the same work we find other prophetic messages such as “Be wise where you get your information”, on the track Be of Knowledge with Nick Sefakis (Iya Terra). Among the guests on the album you will stamp your foot to the drum beats from the UK rhythm maestro Horseman and Style Scott – legendary Jamaican drummer murdered in 2014.

While many instrumental lines are carried out by Chris himself, he also invited his local players and gave them space to manifest their talents. The result is ten  songs built and polished in the artist’s home studio during lockdown times.

This special collection of wise reasonings, bitter observations, words of hope, and thoughtful advices ends with Still Living. Killer riddim, bringing memories of Black Uhuru’s golden times is a promise that the Artist will not leave his people aloneMixed by Laurent Tippy Alfred (Akae Beka etc.), from the Virgin Islands, Crisis 2.0 was released on October 15 and is available on all digital platforms. Limited edition autographed CDs available at Bandcamp.