Seasoned roots artist Christos DC releases his new album Kung Fu Action Theatre, a wholly instrumental project that fuses traditional Chinese instrumentation with roots reggae musical arrangements, released through his own label Honest Music.

The Greek-American artist explains: “I chose to do this album as I was always a big fan of instrumental reggae and would collect these releases over the years for inspiration. Music has always been an integral part of my writing process. I began creating riddims long before I became a vocal artist.  Without vocals there is room to hear very subtle parts that would otherwise be obscured. It is a completely different process than applying words to a piece of music, the instruments are the message.”

Three Chinese instruments are used in Kung Fu Action Theatre: the guzheng, the Chinese dulcimer, and the erhu. All of them fit perfectly with traditional reggae instruments and arrangements. The album’s compositions, performances and production are top quality, with an abundance of inventive arrangements. Final mixing coming by Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred of Zion I Kings and I Grade Records, the album is absolute quality all round.

About the Chinese influence, Christos says: “From my childhood I have always loved the music in Kung Fu movies. Throughout the years, this  led to further interest and extended musical research into Chinese music. For many years now I  have had the idea to create a project that merges these two styles together. The backdrop is 100%  Reggae. However, the Chinese instruments blend very well in creating a new sound that is quite  mysterious in nature.”

Teased by the singles Mountain King and Distance, Kung Fu Action Theatre is available on digital platforms.