It’s a preview of their first album Stompin’ And Rollin’, due on May 22

The big band North East Ska*Jazz Orchestra presents a new single, Blue skies/In walked bud, a mix of two songs of the jazz tradition: Blue Skies by Irving Berlin (1926) and In Walked Bud by Thelonious Monk (1947).

The song reflects the orchestra doble personality, ranging from the ska swing atmosphere to the reggae, and it is emphasized by the two singers style, that in the final part mixes like the two songs.

The single anticipates the release of the album Stompin’ And Rollin’, that gathers original arrangements of jazz and swing classics in the sixties Jamaican style. The album will be presented in Udine (Italy) on May, 22nd and it will be the first LP released by NES*JO. The band with this album meant to instill their spirit through the warmth of Jamaican music enriched with the dance music elegance of the swing era.

Blue skies/In walked bud, is realised by Brixton Records and is available on Amazon and Spotify.