Be stronger is the third work by the Italian band Earth Beat Movement, released shortly after Tell the People and City light.  The love of reggae music is the common thread in this colourful modern and diverse album. Following on from their first two LPs, Right Road and 70 BPM, the band wanted to innovate and grow, experimenting with a sound that would be a hit, with modern Reggae music lovers as well as classic Reggae fans.

Be Stronger has a European Reggae feel while City light contains shades and tones of Dubstep; Fyah Alarm takes from “old school” Jamaican Dancehall, and Who You Are from modern Dancehall while Neena’s Dream brings in Roots Reggae combined with a melody and vocals straight out of Trap.

The twelve tracks and the dub version that make up this album were recorded, mixed and produced once again by Cyrus Princevibe Pisanelli and are available on all digital stores with distribution by Pirames International.

The band begins this Friday March 17 in Florence a tour of presentation of the album that will continue with numerous dates in Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.