Baltimores & Massilia Hi-Fi present a brand new album, Global Crisis, in collaboration. The work offers a subtle fusion of reggae/dub and modern hip-hop, as well as a dissident philosophical reflection.

In November 2020, with the world fighting the pandemic and France confined for the second time, the artists Baltimores (singer/songwriter) and Dedoo (beatmaker and leader of Massilia Hi-Fi) took refuge in musical creation, giving rise to a musically innovative album that expresses their anger at the political context. The result is a rich and powerful album designed to move bodies and consciences.

Baltimores’ lyrics, in English/Patois, defend a critical vision of globalized productivist society, sometimes explicitly (Global Crisis, Working Poor, Solidarity) sometimes in a satirical and light way (Organic Food, Like Sour Cream), or again through introspective and poetic texts (Fly, The Rain, Another Vibe, Mi Deh Ya).

Global Crisis is available on digital platforms and also on CD and vinyl on Baltimores‘ and Massilia Hi-Fi‘s Bandcamp pages.