Brand new on Chinese Man Records, Baja Frequencia presents the video for Badman a Badman, with Jamaican artist Skarra Mucci. The track features on their recent EP Catzilla, a tribute to one of the legendary Japanese movie monsters, the famous Godzilla. An explosion of the most energetic global bass sounds, blending Cumbia with African and Jamaican music plus hip-hop and trap.

Azuleski and Goodjiu, both DJs from Masilla Hi-Fi make up this duo from Marseille, who for this, their first release called in Cuban singer ‘La Dame Blanche’, Californian rapper ‘Blimes Brixton’, plus French Taiwanese MC Skarra Mucci and musician Rafael Aragon.

Directed by Romain Giusiano, the video for Badman a Badman stages Skarra Mucci and his gang of masked cats in the streets of Marseille. Chinese Man Records explained: “When the Jamaican singer Skarra Mucci meets Baja Frequencia it’s as if we loaded an AK47 with confetti, like a remake of Pulp Fiction with cats instead of actors, an episode of Dragon Ball Super with a fusion between Cypress Hill and Buju Banton. So get out your pink bulletproof vest and put on your hello kitty hoodie! Take cover! What you are about to experience will be like the raining down of sharp lyrics coupled with Bassline explosions with this future ragga-trap title to frenzied climbs carved for the dancefloor!”.

The single and the EP are available on all digital platforms: