Irish band WeedWay present the highly awaited release of their debut album A Shedsworth: an eclectic mix of sounds, shapes and atmospheres with positive tones and vibes inna Reggae Style. 

It’s an album that has lots to offer to all ages and generations to a listening experience that will urge you to want more from WeedWay, thanks to the versatility of quirky sounds blending into harmony with tripnotic and well executed lead guitar across all the songs.

After the release of the first single  the instrumental Huskies in late 2020 which introduced the Dublin band to the world, they followed up this year by the release of Itchy – a hard hitting track with a skanking & ska type flavour – and also Not Yet and Because Of You, all receiving great airplay globally. 

The album opens with another hard hitting track – Up & In – with some mellow laid back tracks to come like BDF BEG and Can I Have That? and also the driving force of In The Mood. And veering towards the end of this twisting and mood turning album, A Shedsworth finishes off by churning out an eerie instrumental track, Cannibal that omits and reeks of the danky setting at the Casualty Factory where the album was recorded and mixed. 

A Shedsworth is available on all digital platforms.