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We plan, create and follow up press campaigns with different geographical targeting


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We translate into Spanish, Italian, English, French and German



We edit and correct any kind of text or multimedia material

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"It’s always a pleasure to work with Run It Agency, preparation is ahead of time, the work is done professionally and they are experts in their field".

Elijah Salomon, One Camp Records

"I have worked with Run it Agency for two of my last album releases. They have done an excellent job in promoting the music we work so hard to create. I would recommend their service to anyone in the Genre of Reggae who is serious about promoting their works worldwide".

Christos DC

Christos DC

“I would recommend Run it Agency for the good work they have done with my album. It’s definitely worth working with them”.

Mark Fabish


“Run it Agency are great to work with, providing a service that delivers the results. I look forward to working with them again”.

Mark Fabish

Mark Fabish, BMG UK

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Run it Agency in a course of 3 years with (at that time our) OverJam festival project; they are really hands on person, full of positive ideas so you can be sure you will be on a safe side. I really hope our paths will cross again in the future!”

Nika BrunetNika Brunet, My Music Holiday

“Run it Agency is one of the most professional press agencies I have met in my entire career. Precise and well done work for a totally positive result for the artist”.

Sun Sooley

Sun Sooley

“Run it Agency described with a word is undoubtedly "Positive". They bring luck to every project they follow! Always!”

Bruno Orioli

Bruno Orioli, B.O.E.M.

“Part of the family, always precise, punctual, professional and full of advice to achieve the maximum result for our music”.

Simone Maccioni

Simone Maccioni, The Islanders

“Run it Agency, run things! Passion and professionality, the perfect combination for your music!”

Vibes Corner Label

Vibes Corner Label

“Staff attentive to our needs. A relationship of mutual trust and collaboration has emerged and we are sure it will continue over time”.

Flavio Passon

Flavio Passon, The Young Tree

“Their professionalism and knowledge has allowed us to be well-targeted and to reach important channels for the diffusion of our music”.

Michela Grena

Michela Grena, Wicked Dub Division

“Effective agency, precise and professional; but above all, staff always willing to talk and debate”.

Marco Manganiello

Marco Manganiello, Behind the Scene

“Excellent communication professionals. They are always attentive to everything we ask and they would fix any problems right away. In addition, they advise and guide us in every questions we have, even about our classes. We are delighted!”

Paula Mateos

Paula Mateos Eixau, Septiembre Centro de Estudios y Actividades

“It was a great pleasure to work with Run it Agency on the promotion of Jah Ova Evil project in Europe, their professionalism met our expectations!”

Edouard Nilsson

Edouard Nilsson, Batelier Records

“Run it Agency showed to be ready to cover the promotion of a real reggae festival all over Europe. The job has been very professional and this PR agency has a big range to improve so much during the next years.”

Fulvio Impellizeri

Fulvio Impellizzeri, OverJam Festival

“Effectiveness, efficiency, good manners, knowledge and love for the reggae music”.

Miguel Caamaño

Miguel Caamaño, Alma de León – Radio 3

“Run it Agency is a rare example of balance among the professionalism, given by their knowledge and experience, and the humanity that shows through the collaborations management. For us it is a reference in Spain and Europe”.

Michele Poletto

Michele Poletto, Playa Desnuda

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Run it Agency. We needed a translation for our school and the service was quick, of a great level and the price was absolutely affordable”.

Silvia Prosperi

Silvia Prosperi, Italian Virtual School

“Would you like that someday your record could be heard, reviewed or aired by ...? Run it Agency has already done it for you!”

Antonio Leardi

Antonio Papan’tó Leardi, Train To Roots